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Frasassi Caves and Gola della Rossa Park

The caves of Frasassi, a masterpiece of nature, boast huge stalactites, underground streams and lakes. Open to the public since 1974, the caves have since then attracted more than 10 million tourists. The tour lasts approximately 70 minutes, with the opportunity for enthusiasts and experts to venture into speleological excursions. The caves are located within the Regional Natural Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi, one of the most beautiful protected areas of the Marche region, with unspoiled and lush nature, ideal for hiking. Within the natural park, one can find also the Hermitage of Grottafucile overlooking the Gola della Rossa. In the park, it is possible to visit some jewels of architecture in harmony with the surrounding landscape, such as the Chapel of Santa Maria Infra Saxa and the temple of Valadier.

Corinaldo and Arcevia

Perched on the hills, the village of Corinaldo preserves, intact, its town walls and towers that date back to the fifteenth-century. The city centre, in its typical medieval character, is a succession of narrow streets and houses; the most characteristic glimpse is the Piaggia, also known as Cento Scale (the Hundred Stairs), which leads straight to the top of the hill. In the seventeenth century, the Venetian artist Claudio Ridolfi, to whom the Civic Art Collection is dedicated, lived and worked in Corinaldo. The second stop of the tour is Arcevia, a town rich in history and monuments. It is a medieval village of the thirteenth century that still preserves two beautiful ancient entrance gates. The national archaeological museum and the churches are a must-see, boasting art masterpieces of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, including the works of Signorelli.

The fortress of Mondavio and the uniqueness of Fratterosa

Located on top of a hill with views of the Adriatic Sea and Apennines, the medieval town ofMondavio is still surrounded by its ancient town walls and defended by a mighty fortress designed by architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini. Today, the fortress houses the Museum of Historical Re-enactment and Armoury, with manikins with costumes and weapons ranging from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century. A fleet of “war machines” with faithful reconstructions in actual sizes is in display inside the moat of the fortress. The historical downtown is among the best preserved in theMarche region, while the former monastery of San Francesco houses the Civic Museum with interesting examples of art and history. The second stop of the tour is in Fratterosa, a town famous for its traditional processing of pottery unique for colours and shapes. This is a centuries-old manufacturing activity rooted deeply into the history of the town. After a stop to enjoy the town’s panoramic landscape--among the most beautiful ones in the province of Pesaro and Urbino--the visit will proceed to a pottery workshop, where it will be possible to witness the entire process and learn about the customs surrounding the making of this product, with the opportunity to try the process in person. Before leaving, it is a must to taste local delicacies, such as the famous beans, or the excellent white and red wine, while meeting well-known producers of the area.

- 7 nights with half board in a 3, 4 or 5 star hotel on the beach.
- A full day of visit to the charming Frasassi Caves and Gola della Rossa Park with hiking opportunities.
- Half-day visit to Corinaldo and Arcevia.
- Visit to the Roveresca Fortress of Mondavio and Fratterosa, with its characteristic pottery workshops and tasting of typical products.

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