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Arcevia - Genga
Serra San Quirico - le Grotte di Frasassi - Fabriano
The Regional Natural Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi, is located in the Marche region along the roads that for thousands of years connected the Adriatic region to Rome. This natural sanctuary, the largest in the region, is a real jewel that preserves a geological and historical heritage on and under the ground. In this area of Italy, boasting traces of Etruscan, Roman andmedieval civilizations, tourists can access the majestic gorges and caves of Frasassi: a journey towards the centre of the earth, along tunnels and caverns carved out, over millions of years, by the waters of the Sentino River. Discovering this area is worth doing a step at a time, walking along its trails, across its forests and prairies and strolling along the streets of the local villages.

- 3 nights with bed and breakfast near Arcevia.
- Visit to the medieval towns of Arcevia, Genga, Serra San Quirico
and Fabriano.
- Visit to the famous and picturesque Caves of Frasassi.


- All things not mentioned in "The Offer Includes"

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