Urbino - Gola del Furlo - San Leo

Montefeltro (from late Latin “Mons Feretri”, which appeared in the Carolingian Age) is a historical area in central-northern Italy among the Marche region (to the north of the province of Pesaro and Urbino), Emilia-Romagna (to the west of the province of Rimini), Tuscany (to the east of the province of Arezzo) and the Republic of San Marino. Montefeltro is a mostly mountainous and hilly area, with forest-filled valleys that end in sudden slopes. Due to its significant environmental, historical and cultural characteristics, Montefeltro houses the Regional Natural Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello. The Montefeltro area is characterized by the presence of fortresses and castles, some of which are among the most interesting in Italy. The most majestic is the impressiveFortress of San Leo, which stands on top of a rocky spur. The itinerary of this tour is focused on the capital of Montefeltro, a jewel of the Marche region, pride of the Italian Renaissance, and birthplace of the architect Bramante and artist Raffaello: Urbino.

- 3 nights with bed and breakfast in Urbino.
- Visit to the Renaissance town of Urbino, birthplace of artist Raffaello,
and a trip to the picturesque Nature Reserve of Gola del Furlo.
- Visit to San Leo, perched on a very high cliff, with a medieval atmosphere.


- All Things not mentioned in "The Offer Includes".

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