Recanati and Macerata

The small town of Recanati is an ideal place where to relax and quietly enjoy the day surrounded by nature. The green hills caressed by the sun give way to unique landscapes to be admired and to excellent products of the fertile land to enjoy. These villages are still characterized by the ancient rhythms of their wise peasant tradition and strolling on the streets allows experiencing the atmosphere of the famous poems written by Leopardi. In fact, Recanati is known as the birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi, and the source of his endless inspiration. The poet’s memory is kept alive throughout the town. Tourists can admire Casa Leopardi, the home of the poet, which houses his valuable library, as well as visit his mother’s house: the Antici Mattei Palace. Recanati also honouredBeniamino Gigli, one of the greatest Italian tenors. Macerata is the second interesting stop of this tour. The city stands on a vast hill like many of the most beautiful cities in the Marche region. Macerata’s noble and austere appearance is softened by the warm colours of the town walls as well as the stone and bricks of the buildings of its ancient downtown that hosts also its historical University. The town was the birthplace of the Jesuit Matteo Ricci, and it is bordered by ramparts dating back to the sixteenth century. It is crossed by many roads that lead up to Piazza della Libertà, the heart of the old town, which is surrounded by the most important monuments and churches and the entrance to the University Palace. Nearby, it is possible to find the Civic Museums of the Buonaccorsi Palace, known for its eighteenth-century paintings depicting the Stories of the Aeneid. Macerata houses also the famous Sferisterio Opera Festival, in the homonymous outdoor arena, with shows of international importance.

Shopping tour

The Marche region offers fantastic shopping opportunities and the chance to visit popular fashion and clothing stores. This tour is a pleasant and convenient experience: a new way to explore the territory and discover the excellence of the best local manufacturers. There are two main industrial districts: the textile one, in the province of Ancona, and the footwear district, which is the largest in Italy, located among the provinces of Ascoli, Fermo and Macerata. Needless to say, these locations, which are repositories of ancient knowledge handed down from father to son, are destinations not to be missed by anyone who wishes to buy quality products at affordable prices directly from the factory. From the top brand of clothing for everyone to the shoes and bags stores, here all your wishes can come true.

Wine tour in the Conero area

Monte Conero’s seashore area, over the course of history, was transformed into a wonderful environment for the cultivation of red grapes. A microclimate continually refreshed by sea breezes and a calcareous soil allow the Montepulciano vine to express itself through the Rosso Conero wine, a local wine impossible to find anywhere else. Rosso Conero is a fruity and elegant DOC wine, which enjoys the registered designation of origin since 1967. Winemaking, in this magical part of the Marche coast is the most prevalent economic activity, second only to tourism. The Conero natural park could be easily called a “vineyard-park”. This halfday tour will bring you to explore this fertile land, enjoying good wine and local food and a stroll in Camerano, to experience an excellent combination of art and nature.

- 7 nights with half board in a 3, 4 or 5 star hotel.
- A full day in Recanati and Macerata.
- Half day of shopping among top brands and quality products.
- Half day Wine Tour in the area of Conero and a stroll in Camerano.


- All things not mentioned in "Tour Package Includes"

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